Towards a sustainable and smarter future

Together, through our expertise and passion, we have helped contribute to a better society and improved people’s lives with work underpinned by our sustainable values and goals. Discover all main trends effecting our markets and find out our innovative solutions to build resilience.

Innovate to net zero
  • Achieving net zero


    Net zero solutions-decarbonisation

    There is no longer any doubt that the world must act now to halt global warming. To have any chance of impact, carbon emissions must be halved this decade and we must collaboratively achieve Net Zero by 2050. It is an enormous challenge, but not an impossible one. Achieving Net Zero requires collaboration, commitment and the alignment of governments and businesses all over the world. We are empowering governments, businesses and society to address climate change and deliver action to support the Net Zero transtition.
  • Sustainability

    Workplace of the future

    Inspiration, collaboration, productivity, wellbeing, engagement - a great workplace adds value for your people and your business across so many dimensions. Get it right and it is the place to attract and retain talent. It embodies your brand values and reflects your sustainability ambitions. Ensure you realise the opportunities by choosing a strategic partner who can refine your vision and design and deliver people-centred workplaces to meet current and future demands. With long experience and a 140-year history, Royal HaskoningDHV provides inspirational workplace solutions for clients worldwide.
  • Green ports | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Green port operations

    In ports around the world, pressure is rising to ‘go green’ – whether that is transitioning to Net Zero Carbon and reducing emissions or in meeting the demands of the public and industry bodies alike in operating more efficiently and with greater sustainability. Having smart and green solutions at the heart of port operations offers the opportunity to meet this challenge whilst delivering business continuity and economic efficiencies. 
  • Sustainability

    Water for industry

    Water affects industries’ bottom lines. Water shortages, extreme weather events and climate change mean that industries must choose how rather than if they improve their resilience and the sustainability of their water use. Managing water better is an opportunity for industry to strengthen competitiveness and attract investments. At the same time this secures their license to operate, reduces financial losses and altogether ensures business continuity while delivering social value.
  • Resilience

    Manufacturing and Supply Chain challenges

    Manufacturers in the FMCG sector are facing challenge from every angle. Today’s consumers have high expectations: they want a personalised experience, expect exceptional e-commerce and logistics and seek sustainable, green products and practices. New solutions and extensive FMCG expertise can help you to stay ahead by developing modular, flexible, automated and sustainable solutions.
  • Resilience

    Data centres of tomorrow

    The global digital revolution is bringing prosperity to more and more countries and regions. Where digital infrastructures are created, new economic opportunities arise. Data centres facilitate this 21st-century transformation benefiting millions of people in their daily lives. For data centres we enable business, operations and systems to operate efficiently, effectively and continuously. We deliver resilient and energy-efficient mission critical facilities.
  • Resilience

    Climate resilience

    Climate change is putting people, assets, infrastructure, and business continuity at increasing risk. Impacts like flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are taking a growing toll on communities and businesses. For private and public sector organisations, this presents a defining challenge: “How can we adapt to keep our communities, economies, assets and infrastructure running safely?”
  • Crowd Management | Royal HaskoningDHV


    Optimising people flows

    As urban populations continue to grow, overcrowding in key locations can become a problem, threatening people’s safety and affecting their wellbeing. Measures need to be taken to manage the flow of people in a city to avoid putting extra stress on public spaces, infrastructure and mobility.
  • Digital twin smart city Royal HaskoningDHV Digital

    Digital transformation

    Digital twins

    Our world is changing, quickly. Rapid innovation and widescale digital transformation are producing new challenges for organisations in every sector. But along with these challenges come new opportunities. Digital twins have the potential to radically transform the way we think and operate as a society—providing the insight and agility needed to turn reactive decision-making into proactive problem-solving.
  • Digital transformation

    Enabling digital rail to deliver next generation mobility

    Harnessing digital technology to create efficiencies, optimise performance and enhance sustainability for the rail sector. Our digital railways solutions provide our clients with better control by optimising time and resources, ultimately delivering a reliable, safe and more comfortable customer experience.
  • Digital twins manufacturing

    Digital transformation

    Realising industry 4.0’s full potential

    Industry 4.0 has revolutionised the manufacturing sector – but its full potential is still yet to be realised. The journey to automation and data exchange is a complex one, and must involve all stakeholders if it is to deliver greater customer value and operational efficiency.
  • Smart aviation | Royal HaskoningDHV

    Digital transformation

    Smart Aviation

    The acceleration of digital innovation brings vast opportunities to the aviation sector. Every aspect of airport and flight management can be enhanced and improved through smart aviation disciplines: from asset management and operations to customer experience and sustainability. Royal HaskoningDHV is leading the shift towards smart aviation through our blend of digital insights and decades of aviation and airport expertise.
  • Digital transformation

    Smart Ports

    Today’s global port and terminal network faces a multitude of challenges; from the ongoing pressure to reduce running costs, to ensuring appropriate security measures; from facing the pressure to ‘go green’ and mitigating against climate change, to utilising the immense amount of data they generate daily. In answer to these challenges, Smart Ports combine digital innovation and tools with operator intelligence; enabling ports to work more efficiently and streamline operational costs. 
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