• Expand: responding to global growth in consumption

    The global middle-class population is expanding at an unprecedented rate. FMCG manufacturing companies are investing to meet the growing demand. Markets can be unpredictable, so operations need to be flexible, which means manufacturing engineering, supply chain planning and time-to-market will become even more important. 

  • Adapt: meeting demand as consumer behaviour changes

    Megatrends in consumer behaviour are driving FMCG product manufacturers to change their business models. These include: customisation of products, e-commerce, health and wellness and sustainable manufacturing. For FMCG manufacturers such trends require changes in FMCG and food production, supply chain planning, and thus innovation for agile supply chains.

  • Adopt: implementing new technologies to stay ahead

    Intensifying competition, and the continuous need for cost efficiency means FMCG manufacturing companies must adopt and embrace new technologies. Strategic goals form the basis of investing in technology. In practice, digital technologies not only improve production development and time-to-market, they are helping with managing existing factories as well. Assessi, our fast plant assessment tool, enables automated assessments of manufacturing sites, equipment and facilities by analysing data quickly.

White paper - From lean to lasting: How can my manufacturing operation comply with net zero?

With rising pressures to make sustainable investments, the deadline after which it is too late to take action is approaching at an increasing rate. Minimising CO2 emissions while increasing output to meet rising demand can be a challenging, and sometimes risky task without an apparent solution that seems beneficial for all parties involved.

Learn in this white paper about the journey manufacturers go through to make their operations compliant with net zero. Considering a constantly changing external environment and the many opportunities that lie ahead it is crucial to start the journey to net zero now!

White paper: How to comply with net zero?

A practical guide on how to break out of the maze and make viable steps to achieve net zero

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