Backed by expertise of almost 6,000 colleagues, we are helping organisations to transform strategy into action, data and technology into opportunities, and implementation into the practical steps that build resilient operations. Our ambition is to have a positive impact on people and our living environment.

Complex challenges in climate change, business resilience and digital transformation cannot be addressed in isolation. Working in partnership with public and private sector clients in more than 150 countries, our end-to-end solutions are improving mobility and infrastructure, ports and airports, industrial environments and supply chains, business processes and water management. Our independence assures objective solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, leading by example in our projects, our own business operations and by our role in ‘giving back’ to society. By showing leadership in sustainable development and innovation, we are working to become part of the solution to a more sustainable society.

Our head office is in the Netherlands, and principal offices are in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Indonesia. We also have established offices in Asia Pacific and the Americas and a long-standing presence in Africa and the Middle East. 

Our leadership & values: 

Read our annual report 2020

Read our 2020 Annual Report which presents a positive set of results achieved in a year of extraordinary challenge and disruption.

Our organisation stayed strong throughout, supported by the adaptability and resilience of our people and our ongoing investment in our digital transformation. We maintained the continuity of our clients’ operations while providing the insights and agility needed in a volatile and fast-changing world. 

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