Bringing electricity to a rural community hospital in Cambodia

In cooperation with the Raise and Support the Poor organisation, BrITE sponsored a solar energy project in Cambodia. In 2022, solar panels were installed on top of the roof of a newly built community hospital and solar lighting was installed in the street. Sustainable energy is vital for the daily tasks in the hospital and bringing electricity to this rural community will improve people’s quality of life. Over 10,000 people in the community benefit from it. 

Photo: Raise and Support the Poor

Supporting families forced to flee their homes in Ukraine

In March 2022, the BrITE Foundation donated 50,000 euros to UN Refugee Agency UNHCR in support of the Ukrainian refugees following the appalling Russian invasion. Our thoughts are with all those affected and we hope that this contribution will help achieve some of the much needed support. UNHCR is busy providing food and water, medicine and shelter to refugees entering Poland and other neighbouring countries of the Ukraine. In addition they provide humanitarian and protection assistance to those who have been affected in the areas hardest hit by the war within Ukraine.

Making a positive impact on the environment: World Cleanup Day

In 2021, the BrITE Foundation successfully partnered with World Cleanup Day. This is a one-day annual global event aimed at creating awarenss and combating the global litter problem. In more than 40 locations accross the globe, our colleagues made a positive impact on their communities and the environment by collecting 860 bags of garbage. In countries where a cleanup event wasn’t possible because of Covid-19, Royal HaskoningDHV teams organised alternative initiatives including going green at home and individual cleanups.

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Contributing to a safe and supportive school environment, Kenya

In 2021, BrITE supported the Macheo Children’s Organization in Kenya with the donation of 240 desks to various primary schools. In Kenya, a considerable number of pupils in primary schools study in bad conditions due to poor infrastructure. This makes it harder for them to perform well. With help from the BrITE Foundation, Macheo was able to provide 240 desks and 480 children got a place to sit and write on. This has created an inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for pupils by ensuring they are learning in a comfortable environment. The provided desks also went a long way towards maintaining the much-required social distancing in schools (less pupils sit at one desk), therefore, making it much safer for children to learn.
Photo: Marnix Huis in 't Veld

Fostering friendship on a wave: Disabled Surfers Association, Australia

In Australia, BrITE supported the Disabled Surfers Association Sydney who aim to help hundreds of people with disabilities back into the water. In 2021 a donation was made by BrITE to this organisation that is all about equality and inclusion. Disabled Surfers Association helps many that suffer from disabilities to (renew) interest in surfing, to overcome fear of being in the water and to become part of a community again. Many suffer from disabilities that the general public would not always consider a disability. From asthmatics to autistic to joint injuries and paraplegic, many have found friendship, support and (re-)disovered the joy of surfing again.
Photo: Disabled Surfers Association on Facebook

Together with the Royal HaskoningDHV team in the Philippines, the BrITE Foundation helped the victims of typhoon Ulysses in 2 barangays (administrative divisions) of Amulung municipality with relief goods. Hundreds of food packs, hygiene kits, goodie bags for kids, clothes and towels were handed out to the people of the barangays of Calamagui and Monte Alegre that were struck by this category 4 typhoon in November 2020.

Royal HaskoningDHV’s local team embarged on this relief operation instead of having their usual Christmas party; the BrITE Foundation matched their contribution with a donation of EUR 2,500.


The first BrITE project initiated by the Royal HaskoningDHV colleagues down under. The severe bushfires of late 2019 heavily impacted the already vulnerable koala population of Queensland. The Revive Lake Cathie organisation took it upon themselves to look after injured koalas and other wildlife in the fire affected areas. With help from the BrITE Foundation it installed wildlife cameras to monitor the koalas after their release back into the local nature reserve. The cameras will help towards enabling a database to be established of wildlife especially koalas and the monitoring of the flora in Lake Cathie, Lake Innes and Queens Lake Nature Reserves to prevent reoccurring fire devastation.

Image: Revive Lake Cathie on Facebook 

Beira Relief during Covid-19, Mozambique

Cyclone Idai severly damaged the Beira region in Mozambique in 2019. Within the Royal HaskoningDHV organisation donations were collected and doubled by the BrITE Foundation. The BrITE Foundation decided to provide relief in form of sponsoring the local ESMABAMA organisation. BrITE's donation enabled ESMABAMA to purchase sanitary materials for the health centre in Mangunde in the Beira region. By improving the sanitary facilities, the chances of communities to cope with sickness like COVID-19 and other diseases in the cyclone affected area are improving.

Image: ESMABAMA on Facebook

Create new opportunities for Karrke Aboriginal cultural experience

This Aussie project will invest in satellite telecommunications infrastructure to create new opportunities for Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience. Karrke is an Indigenous owned tourism business located in the remote Watarrka region, 350 km south-west of Alice Springs in Central Australia, Northern Territory. Karrke currently employs three local people and provides on the job experience to four part-time community members (community development program). This investment in infrastructure will assist to increase regional capability, local employment, opportunity to undertake training and development and showcase the benefit of shared investment in the Watarrka region through partnership and collaboration. BrITE foundation in cooperation with other partners provided the funding to purchase the satellite communication equipment.


During the earthquakes on Lombok in 2018, many of Peduli Anak’s (a non-profit organisation for child welfare) facilities were damaged. Royal HaskoningDHV’s BrITE Foundation donated € 7,500 to build back better.

“Thanks to the support of Royal HaskoningDHV, we were able to rebuild our center for child welfare in an earthquake-resistant way. We built a total of 14 children homes, 2 schools, a clinic, kitchen and other supporting buildings in less than a year, providing hundreds of underprivileged children, orphans, children from abuse and dysfunctional families with a family-like care and housing.

Besides that, Royal HaskoningDHV has been one of our 3 main sponsors of the clean energy solar panel system, which provides almost all electricity during sunny days and backup power in the evening if the grid fails. All this support has made Peduli Anak to become one of the most advanced, safe and clean centers for children in Indonesia.” – Chaim Fetter, Founder Peduli Anak

© Photo: Peduli Anak


The BrITE Foundation is a charitable fund set up and run by employees to create positive impact on the world. The BrITE Foundation is managed by the Board of the BrITE Foundation. Royal HaskoningDHV employees can donate to the fund through contributing a proportion of their salary to the fund for charity projects. Employees exclusively can also put forward a project to the Board who will decide if the project is eligible for funding. The BrITE Foundation observes Royal HaskoningDHV’s integrity code.