As well as for individual shipyards, the system has been applied in a number of major national and world-wide studies aimed at improving shipbuilding performance. These include studies for the UK Government, the European Commission, the US Department of Defence, and the Governments of Canada and Australia.

Originally developed for shipbuilding, our benchmarking system has been applied in over 150 shipyards worldwide. Its wide application across the globe provides us with a unique understanding of global shipbuilding processes and practices. It has been expanded to include ship repair and conversion, naval base operations and construction in composite materials.

Combined with the results of market analysis, cost structure reviews and productivity assessments, the application of our benchmarking system enables a shipyard to develop a coherent action plan for improving competitiveness. Where short-term plans may provide benefits within a matter of months, long-term plans deliver continuous and sustainable improvement, typically 10% to 15% per annum, to secure a shipyard's future.