The list below summarises the types of assistance we have provided in the past.

Customer friend / strategy 

  • Independent shipbuilding knowledge and advice 
  • Assistance with ship acquisition strategy development 
  • Problem identification, assessment and rectification 
  • Independent third-party project reviews 
  • Training naval project teams in characteristics of high-performance shipyards 
  • Providing advice on technology transfer

Commercial support

  • Risk assessment/mitigation 
  • Bid evaluation 
  • Estimating ship construction man-hours and costs 
  • Shipyard performance monitoring systems / approaches 
  • Developing shipyard incentives 
  • Assessing the impact of the acquisition approach on shipyard productivity

Performance assessment

  • Establishing realistic shipyard performance targets 
  • Independent shipyard performance/productivity monitoring 
  • Estimate-at-Completion reviews

Shipyard industrial base

  • Shipyard technology, capacity and capability assessment and planning 
  • Industrial base utilisation and development strategy 
  • Shipyard facility design, cost estimating and development 
  • Shipyard process benchmarking and performance improvement 

Ship design and construction planning

  • Ship design producibility coaching and assessment 
  • Build strategy assessment and development  
  • Ship design and construction strategy assessment / development