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With increasing demand for expedited ship repair market research, we have developed the following two services with a turnaround time of only up to 10 working days.  These two products complement our standard ship repair study and bespoke offering.

What we offer 

  • Ship repair market opportunity study (£12,000 ex. VAT)

    This fast turn-around product provides key ship repair market demand information based on the latest data. It will be useful for those wanting an initial indication of market viability for a new ship repair facility, or insight into opportunities and additional business available today or where market related due diligence work is needed to verify information.

  • Ship repair competitor insight study (£10,000 ex. VAT)

    This second fast turn-around product provides key information on what your regional competitors are doing; from their number of dockings, an idea of their dock utilisation, which customersthey are securing, levels of repeat business, the trading patterns of vessels repairing and what vessel sizes and types are being repaired. It will be useful to those wanting to make sure they are not missing market opportunities or looking to benchmark their market performance against others. 

  • Standard ship repair market study (please contact us to discuss scope and fee)

    Feasibility, valuation, due diligence and expansion plans rely on a good understanding of the market. This ensures that the facility matches available business and avoids unnecessary expense whilst maximising the likelihood of achieving financial feasibility. The standard market study incorporates the core offering of the two fast turn-around studies and supplements it with insight into demand in a wider catchment, market growth prospects by vessel segment and potential future demand. This allows the ship repair yard to be designed for the future and incorporates insight into how the market may develop as factors such as decarbonisation accelerate change.

We often undertake more extensive detailed studies for our clients once an understanding of the market is established, many of which form part of bankable business plans. We also combine service elements to offer bespoke studies.

Comparison of ship repair offerings

Our clients’ needs are never the same and as such we offer a range of services to meet varying requirements.  Whether you wish to assess the viability of a new ship repair facility, are an established ship repairer looking to expand your market or require due diligence around the purchase of an existing facility, our studies ship repair studies will help ensure informed decisions are made from the outset. 

We undertake all kinds of bespoke studies in addition and would be happy to discuss your individual requirements. 

Over the last 25 years, we have developed innovative approaches to:

  • Demand analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Shipyard product mix selection
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target marketing
  • Revenue estimating
  • Marketing plans

Our market research findings are the crucial initial step in facility design and development.  They provide critical market and revenue information on which to base design concepts, assess financial feasibility and determine the optimum level of applied technology. Our research also helps to address the key business concerns of our clients; such as selecting the correct vessel product mix for a shipyard or how to reinvigorate the client base in an existing organisation. 

FMI’s market recent research clients include some of the world’s largest maritime companies, international oil majors and government agencies.