Canada required the shipyards to:

  • have the capability to build the required vessels at the required rate
  • have the facilities, processes and practices of a good international standard
  • be equipped to achieve good international productivity levels and continuous improvement

FMI was tasked with defining the capabilities, the process and practice required and to evaluate the shipyards.  The two yards were eventually selected through an open and fair national competition.

We were appointed in 2010, and used our proprietary shipyard benchmarking, capabilities assessment and capacity assessment systems to establish the current levels of applied technology in each competing shipyard.  This identified facilities, technology and capability gaps that the shipyards needed to fill as part of an improvement program.  We conducted periodic reviews of the two selected shipyards to assess the progress made and provided assistance in achieving their target states.  We have also provided the National Shipbuilding Procurement Secretariat and ministers with general technical advice on shipbuilding matters