The study investigated the possibility of creating a multi user shipyard facility in Singapore to overcome the waterfront scarcity.  The project included stakeholder engagement with the shipyards and maritime industries in Singapore.

During the study we undertook a full range of activities including:

  • Shipyard interviews and data gathering
  • Preparation for and undertaking of ground investigation at proposed site
  • Market sensing report (using both in-house expertise and information obtained from shipyards)
  • Analysis of target ship sizes and markets
  • Development of two concept layouts for the multi user yard
  • Development of third party operator roles and responsibilities
  • Derivation of infrastructure costs
  • Investigation of similar facility user charges
  • Presentation of concept options to client team and client industry panel
  • Presentation to shipyards and facilitation of feedback workshop
  • Assistance to client in decision of preferred concept option
  • Incorporation of feedback into chosen concept layout
  • Presentation of final concept to client team, industry panel and shipyards
  • Formal consultation with statutory authorities