Our family tree

Our founders shared a passion for the profession of engineering, an indestructible belief in progress and the drive to make the world a better place. This is still in our DNA today. This family tree (dated 2021) shows how we have grown from a small passionate group of people to the international community of 6,000 employees we are today. 

Shaping the future

In 2021, we celebrated the 140th anniversary of our company. To mark this milestone, we have commissioned a series of striking stories highlighting key moments in our firm’s history. These stories, written by Judith Gussenhoven (History Now), have been bundled in a bilingual book ‘Shaping the future/De toekomst maken’. We are proud of our heritage and would like to share it with you. We therefore offer the opportunity to order a book.

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Some of the highlights


Johan van Hasselt and Jacobus de Koning set up the first independent engineering firm in the Netherlands. It’s the only engineering firm in the Netherlands that has been able to keep its independency until today. 


Jacobus de Koning travelled to Egypt to create a design for a railway bridge across the Nile. 



A collaboration with a Dutch beer brewer lead up to the start of engineering firm Dwars, Heederik & Verhey (DHV). 


Women started working in our company. Their role changed dramatically in more than 100 years since they started. 



From 1919 onwards, DHV provided advice on sewage systems. In 1968, they invented the Carrousel to carry out wastewater treatment. And in 2005 the first fully functioning industrial wastewater treatment system based on Nereda® technology was put into use. 


During the Second World War, DHV made a valuable contribution to the national food supplies in the Netherlands by designing dozens of so-called Centrale Keukens, or community kitchens. 


Our company entered a golden era of prosperity and growth when we joined Nedeco, Netherlands Engineering Consultancy. This umbrella organisation for overseas projects provided a wealth of experience and laid the foundations for further international expansion


Engineers and environmental scientists of British engineering consultant Posford Duvivier joined our company. Their specialist expertise working on port installations represented a major expansion for our company. 


Royal HaskoningDHV celebrates its 140th anniversary.  Much has changed over the years, but we remain focused on enhancing society together with the same perseverance and ingenuity as our founding fathers displayed. Nowadays it’s with the support of the latest digital solutions.

Book Shaping the future & family tree:

Concept and stories: History Now, Rotterdam
Design: Ferry de Gier



1881, 1917, 2021: Company archives Royal HaskoningDHV
1889: H. Arnoux, Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal- Land- en Volkenkunde
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1919: Stadsarchief Amsterdam/Gustaaf Oosterhuis
1940: Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden
1951: Nedeco archives
1994: Steve Cadman/Flickr, Creative Commons