Our purpose is to Enhance Society Together through our expertise, partnerships and innovations. We combine our knowledge and expertise with our clients’ strengths to co-create solutions that are designed to enhance the lives of communities around the world. We experiment with new ideas and invest in new technologies with the aim to make even more impact for our clients and for society as a whole.


Our ambition is to be a strong international and independent engineering and consultancy firm, leading in innovation and sustainability.

Our values

Our values are key to our existence as a company. These form the basis of who we are and what we want to be. The following five points, which create the acronym B R I T E, explain these values:

  • Brightness

    We keep an open mind to ideas that lead to the best solutions for our clients. We innovate and are eager to lead by inspiration.

  • Result driven

    We are aiming at getting the best possible results for both our clients and our company with respect to sustainable financial performance.

  • Integrity

    We care about our clients, our staff and society as a whole. We create integrated and pragmatic solutions for sustainable interaction with a high respect for people and their environment. We have zero tolerance for non-compliance with our integrity code.

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  • Team spirit

    Our way of working is pro-active, open and inclusive.

  • Excellence

    We deliver on our promises and strive to continuously improve the added value of our services.

These B R I T E values underpin our mission and vision. Our stakeholders can expect from us solutions that are in line with these values and reflect our promise, Enhancing Society Together. 

Our behaviours

  • We are driven to make positive impact
  • We co-create with our clients and with society
  • We embrace renewal, are inquisitive and go beyond to make things happen
  • We apply a no-nonsense approach
  • We act with integrity in all our activities