We act with integrity and transparency and hold ourselves to the highest standards of environmental and social governance. We are diverse and inclusive. We will not compromise the safety or well-being of our team or communities – no matter the circumstances. 

We actively collaborate with clients, partners and stakeholders in projects and initiatives, together. Our actions, big and small, will drive the positive change the world needs, and will enhance society now and for the future. 


We aim to deliver measurable impact in our projects and our own operations. We will focus on five themes where we believe we can have the biggest impact in delivering benefits for society and the environment. The themes are:  

  • climate change
  • biodiversity & natural systems
  • resources & circularity
  • social value & equality and 
  • safety & well-being.  

These will guide us and relate to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. 
The five themes are relevant to everything we do – for our people and our clients, the way we operate as an organisation, and how we implement our projects. They will also be the fundament to report on our impact and progress. 

In 2022, a system will come into place in respect of each theme to quantify the scale and nature of the positive change we are delivering through our projects. This measurement system will look at each project in the broadest sense, ensuring we are clear on where the balance lies between positive and adverse impact.  

In 2022 we will be quantifying the nature of positive change we are delivering through our projects on five themes. The blue outlined area on this spider web chart is for illustrative purposes only. 
Enhancing Society Together will become more relevant in the decisions we make about which projects to pursue. This is an evolution in our principles and will require greater transparency on how particular projects align with our mission. It will involve a transition. Over time our projects will have even more positive scores across more of the themes and hence more positive impact on society. 

Examples of positive impact obtained through our projects 

Our company purpose to Enhance Society Together is more relevant than ever. We have a proud heritage, showing leadership by working together with clients and partners to support local communities and making a positive contribution to society and the environment. 

Matthew Hunt

Leading Professional Enhancing Society Together