It is time to rethink the spaces we live, work, and thrive in. Issues like urbanisation and climate change demand organisations to be more sustainable and adaptable. Whether it’s through prescriptive analytics or the latest in AI and machine learning, we help organisations to reduce costs, increase efficiency and build brighter and more productive futures. And as a digital expert, you can be part of this!

Predictive software

We have a whole business line that is committed to deliver transformative solutions that all start with data. A big part of our work is predictive software. This software makes it possible to see the outcome of a technical decision or test a possible solution without risk. We make accurate models of systems or processes and use it to predict performance. We can for example predict when waterpipes are most likely to burst,so clients are warned in advance. The same technology can also be used to make smart and strategic long-term decisions. Our software can predict which areas and buildings have a high risk of flooding in the future. With this knowledge houses for the next generation can be built where they can last forever. 

Your challenge as a digital expert

As you can imagine, a lot of data is needed for this. The desired outcome must be kept in mind at every step of the process. With a practical and result-focused approach. The data needs to be turned into valuable knowledge by combining mathematics and statical modelling with computer science and machine learning to identify patterns, accelerate processes and answer key questions of our clients. And of course, we need solutions for our clients that are easy to manage, govern and scale. With these challenges, we make it possible for you as a digital expert to contribute to a better world! 

  • Up to date knowledge

    The continuous development of your knowledge within your area of expertise is important. We provide you with on-the-job and formal training and a wide range of learning and development activities. This way your knowledge is always up to date!

  • Never stop learning

    We offer a great range of online courses in our Digital Academy and you can exchange knowledge with colleagues around the world in our various Knowledge Groups. This way your knowledge goes beyond the border of your country!

As a Data Scientist at Royal HaskoningDHV you use machine learning techniques to solve real problems in the physical living environment.

Ruben Peters

Data Scientist

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All our people are commited to working with clients and partners on projects that have a positive impact on people, the living environment, and the economy. They are keen to positily change the future and leave a legacy. With various projects for you to explore you can see a broad range of topics they are working on.

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    At Royal HaskoningDHV we have a dedicated Talent Acquisition Team. We are here to guide you through the application process. From application until you join Royal HaskoningDHV. If you have any questions before or during the application process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you. 

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