You will lead your team to high performance in unpredictable situations. You guide and engage them through any changes. Of course, you do this in line with our strategy and in collaboration with other departments within our organisation. Are you a born leader and do you want to have a positive impact on people, our living environment, and the economy? Then join us and let’s enhance society together! 

Lead by example 

Leadership plays a key role in leading and engaging our people. As a people manager and leader, you will have a tremendous impact on our company culture and performance. You set the direction, build an inspiring vision and you enable your team to make full use of their potential. But you are not only responsible for your team members. The market approach, projects, innovation, and financial results are also within your scope. Together with your team you will succeed in converting knowledge, services and products into customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and good results.  

  • The best possible leader

    The continuous development of your knowledge and skills is important. For you as a leader, but also to set an example for your team and for the performance of our company as a whole. We provide you with a range of courses for leadership skills and development so you can be the best possible leader!

  • Never stop learning

    We offer a great range of online courses in our Digital Academy and you can exchange knowledge with colleagues around the world in our various Knowledge Groups. This way your knowledge goes beyond the border of your country!

The key is to know how to lead yourself before you lead others, giving yourself direction, if you know yourself well you combine your vulnerability and unique powers than you create trust and get people doing things that are outside their comfort zone.

Adisa Jahić-Torlak 

Director Advisory Group Infra Amersfoort

Explore our projects

All our people are committed to working with clients and partners on projects that have a positive impact on people, the living environment, and the economy. We are keen to positively change the future and leave a legacy. With various projects for you to explore you can see a broad range of topics we are working on. 


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