Climate resilience planning for private and public sector 

Public sector: engage and empower every stakeholder

If you are going to build climate resilience – so communities can continue to thrive as the climate changes – it will take a joint effort. Public sector authorities need to work alongside businesses, and community stakeholders, balancing urgent action with long-term goals. You need an integrated, inclusive plan that empowers everyone involved.

We can build on our proven track record delivering climate change adaptation strategies and engaging stakeholders in climate resilience projects – from traditional integrated flood management plans to nature-based approaches.  We turn your challenges into clear, effective climate resilience plans that can win support, and deliver wider community priorities – in extreme weather and every day.  

Private sector: maximise opportunities; minimise risk

The larger your enterprise, the more complex your climate challenge. A growing mix of hazards – not just flooding, but heat stress, drought, and storms – can impact every part of your organisation in wildly different ways.

Meanwhile, you are bombarded by point solution vendors who address one part of your problem, but not the whole. And that’s where it’s important to have a partner with end-to-end experience of the climate resilience journey. We will help you develop a coherent plan to align your leaders, secure your future, and outperform your competitors.


  • Create a coherent climate resilience roadmap
  • Identify possible climate adaptation strategies
  • Meet current and future climate challenges and risks
  • Make weather and climate part of your daily business decisions
Creating an effective roadmap to resilience is becoming increasingly urgent to ensure a safe, successful future.

Jaap Flikweert

Leading professional Flood resilience 

Our services

  • Climate resilience consultancy 
  • Flood and coastal management plans
  • Drought and water resource management plans
  • Disaster risk management plans
  • Climate-resilient business strategies

Climate resilience success stories

There are many approaches to adapt to the changing climate. Here are some of the ways we have helped communities and organisations around the world build their own resilience:

Our offerings

  • Climate Resilience

    Understanding climate change

    Building alignment around evolving climate risk and the need to respond
  • Climate Resilience

    Climate hazard and risk insights and awareness

    Bringing clarity so you can make informed decisions in a changing world
  • Climate Resilience

    Climate resilience solutions

    Designing and delivering effective adaptation measures, from development policies to nature-based solutions
  • Climate Resilience

    Staying climate resilient

    Providing real-time data, modelling, and warning systems, so you are always ready to respond
  • Resilience

    Climate resilience

    Climate change is putting people, assets, infrastructure, and business continuity at increasing risk. Impacts like flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are taking a growing toll on communities and businesses. For private and public sector organisations, this presents a defining challenge: “How can we adapt to keep our communities, economies, assets and infrastructure running safely?”