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Public sector: protect communities without overspending

If you have to protect lives, businesses, and infrastructure, this is a challenging time. People are interacting with changing climate risks in new ways, bringing unpredictable new hazards. It’s hard to know which policies and climate adaptation measures offer the best protection – and the best use of public resources.

By modelling climate hazard scenarios, we can help you quantify those risks in a way that’s meaningful – for you, and your stakeholders. And with worldwide experience, our experts can help you understand and explain the implications of each scenario – so you can make better decisions for the people you serve. 

Private sector: ensure business continuity and meet regulations

From your global supply chain to regulatory demands for risk transparency, climate change impacts every part of your enterprise. Understanding that moving, complex picture is a huge challenge but not impossible.

Our climate hazard datasets, analytical models, and engineering experience  bring you that clarity. We will translate the data into meaningful insights you can act upon – and help senior leaders to understand how climate change affects their role and their communities or business. 

Finance sector: make future-ready investment decisions

As a financial services leader, you might be used to basing your investment and risk decisions on careful analysis of historical data and trends. But with climate risk, the picture is now changing so much that past hazards have become a poor predictor of future events.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we bridge that gap. Our multi-hazard vulnerability assessment combines real-time data with predictive models. Meanwhile, our engineering heritage gives us in-depth knowledge of how weather affects processes, assets, and the built environment – to help you understand the real-life implications.


  • Proactive climate hazard vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Gain an objective, quantified view of climate risk
  • Analyse real-time data for any location worldwide
  • Make informed decisions – and explain them clearly
You need to understand your climate risk. That means quantifying the risks you face now, and the ones you will face in future as the climate continues to change.

Matthijs Bos

Climate Adaptation & Flood Resilience Lead

Our services

  • Climate resilience consultancy 
  • Global coverage multi-hazard datasets
  • Climate vulnerability, risk and resilience assessment software

Climate resilience success stories

There are many approaches to adapt to the changing climate. Here are some of the ways we have helped communities and organisations around the world build their own resilience:

    Our offerings

    • Climate Resilience

      Understanding climate change

      Building alignment around evolving climate risk and the need to respond
    • Climate Resilience

      Climate adaptation planning

      Creating an integrated, strategic roadmap to protect communities, businesses and assets
    • Climate Resilience

      Climate resilience solutions

      Designing and delivering effective adaptation measures, from development policies to nature-based solutions
    • Climate Resilience

      Staying climate resilient

      Providing real-time data, modelling, and warning systems, so you are always ready to respond
    • Resilience

      Climate resilience

      Climate change is putting people, assets, infrastructure, and business continuity at increasing risk. Impacts like flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are taking a growing toll on communities and businesses. For private and public sector organisations, this presents a defining challenge: “How can we adapt to keep our communities, economies, assets and infrastructure running safely?”