Adapting to the changing climate takes co-ordinated action that incorporates numerous sectors and stakeholders. But, in such an uncertain environment, creating a common understanding of the challenges that lie ahead, and the potential solutions, can be a major challenge. Our climate resilience transformation experts will help you embed weather and climate change as business as usual.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we can help you find the alignment you need to face our generation’s biggest challenge. Our dialogues and workshops around climate resilience will raise awareness and will give you a clear, shared understanding of the climate risks you face, and uses scenario thinking to form a consensus around your options.

We will also highlight where building climate resilience can contribute to your broader objectives, like meeting the United Nations sustainable development goals, improve your ESG reporting and adhering to the latest legislation.

Support for every stage of your climate resilience journey

Adapting to changing climate impacts isn’t a job for one person or department. Everyone in your community or organisation must understand the risks involved and their role in taking action – which is why you need an integrated, organisation-wide climate adaptation plan.

No matter where you are in your journey, we can help you:
  • Develop a shared understanding of risk
  • Formulate a unified response to your challenges
  • Understand and adhere to legislation and ESG initiatives
  • Develop a coherent, organisation-wide vision for change
The impact climate change has, isn’t the job of one person. It impacts everyone and every part of your organization and requires an integrated approach.

Djeevan Schiferli

Climate Resilience Software Director

Djeevan Schiferli

Our services

  • Climate resilience consultancy 
With over 140 years of resilience experience, we can guide your first steps in responding to climate risk, wherever you are in your journey.

The next step is a conversation

The climate is changing. Ready to change too? Our climate resilience experts are here to take your questions and discuss your specific challenges.

Climate resilience success stories

There are many approaches to adapt to the changing climate. Here are some of the ways we have helped communities and organisations around the world build their own resilience:

Our offerings

  • Climate Resilience

    Climate hazard and risk insights and awareness

    Bringing clarity so you can make informed decisions in a changing world
  • Climate Resilience

    Climate adaptation planning

    Creating an integrated, strategic roadmap to protect communities, businesses and assets
  • Climate Resilience

    Climate resilience solutions

    Designing and delivering effective adaptation measures, from development policies to nature-based solutions
  • Climate Resilience

    Staying climate resilient

    Providing real-time data, modelling, and warning systems, so you are always ready to respond
  • Resilience

    Climate resilience

    Climate change is putting people, assets, infrastructure, and business continuity at increasing risk. Impacts like flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are taking a growing toll on communities and businesses. For private and public sector organisations, this presents a defining challenge: “How can we adapt to keep our communities, economies, assets and infrastructure running safely?”