• Build certainty into your investment agenda by a viable business case for your sustainability ambitions

    Draw on our consultancy expertise to ensure you invest sustainably and establish a clear plan to realise your sustainable objectives, from strategy to implementation.

  • Keep ahead of changing legislation with a roadmap enabling you to lead the way in your sector

    Policymakers are steadily tightening regulation in many areas – from harmful chemicals to greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction, energy and water use. Transparency is becoming the norm. Nearly 50,000 companies across Europe have to meet detailed sustainability reporting standards as part of the new EU Taxonomy regulations. Across all disciplines, our in-house experts provide insight and practical guidance to futureproof your organisation and help you stay ahead of the game.

  • Ensure business continuity with a sustainable reputation, secured by de-risking your portfolio

    Pressure for sustainable business comes from many stakeholders including customers, service-users, governments, shareholders and investors. Strengthen your position by removing reputational risks, not only across your organisation but throughout your supply chain. This requires circular thinking, strategic partnerships and new mobility and supply chain concepts.

How can we help?

Lead with Sustainability to benefit your people, your organisation and our planet.

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Are you ready to embrace sustainability? Translating sustainability ambitions into viable strategies and implementation.

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How are FMCG companies paving the way for green investment? Top strategies on prioritising and justifying green expenditure.

Royal HaskoningDHV and the Sustainable Development Goals 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that everyone enjoys peace and prosperity by 2030. 
Royal HaskoningDHV’s mission to Enhance Society Together aligns with the SDGs. It is our inherent responsibility to apply our expertise in water, energy, industry and transportation to support these goals through distinctive new services and solutions. The scale of the challenge is such that it can only be addressed by combining our expertise with that of our clients, partners, and customers. This co-creative approach adopted with our stakeholders allows us to scale impact far beyond stand-alone projects in order to Enhance Society Together.

Successful strategies for implementation

People and Resources

How can you Incorporate people’s wellbeing and resource security in your route to sustainability and resilience?

In a world of finite resources and delicately balanced ecosystems, a commitment to the health and wellness of people and the environment is becoming a baseline responsibility for organisations.

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How can you reduce energy usage and make the transition to zero carbon sources?

Strong and sustained reduction in emissions of CO2 is essential to limit climate change. It requires urgent action. 

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How resilient is your organisation to water-related risks?

Water shortages and extreme weather events present increasing risk to communities and organisations. 

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Sustainable Buildings 

How green are your buildings? This question is becoming increasingly urgent for organisations in every sector. Sustainability in buildings is important for meeting corporate responsibility ambitions. There are wider reasons for action too – as customers, investors, regulators and society demand organisations take responsibility for their climate impact. Royal HaskoningDHV integrates multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver tailor-made advice and practical solutions for sustainable and green buildings. Realise the benefits sustainable real estate can bring.

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Meet the experts

Jeroen Thyssen
Team Lead Sustainable Manufacturing

“Environmental, governance and social challenges urge organisations to future-proof their activities, requiring highly effective investments in the upcoming years”

Mathijs Bicknese
Industrial Sustainability Expert Business Opportunities

“A holistic approach that places people's wellbeing and the planet alongside sustainable profit creates a framework for incorporating sustainability into your plans and ensures your organisation prospers.”

Gerard Jansen
Sustainability Consultant Built Environment

“The transition to a carbon-free energy supply is complex, both from a technological point of view and the way we live today. But we must do it to create a truly sustainable economy.”