Waste to revenues

The unique capability of the Crystalactor is its ability to harvest water-free crystals, also referred to as pellets. High-purity pellets have a commercial value in many applications such as agriculture and fertilizers, cement manufacture, chicken feed, composite materials etc. In the case of an absent commercial outlet, the cost to discharge pellets is at least a third of the price compared to bulky sludge disposal or brine.


Crystallization is more sustainable compared to conventional treatment processes such as chemical precipitation, ion exchange (IX) and reverse osmosis (RO). IX and RO produce large volumes of salty wastewater (i.e brine), and conventional precipitation units produce large volumes of sludge which require extensive dewatering.

On the contrary, the Crystalactor produces water-free pellets, eliminating troublesome and costly sludge dewatering units. Chemical consumption of the Crystalactor is comparatively low to other technologies and the pellets can be reused. This is real, sustainable zero-waste technology.


The Crystalactor is provided with Smart Control: an advanced control system that applies self-learning algorithms to predict and control the crystallization processes. The OPEX savings are:

  • Reduced chemical consumption and hence costs.
  • Process robustness, which leads to significantly reduced operator attendance, less maintenance and higher capacity availability.
  • Optimized process performance which leads to savings in operational costs for back-washing of eventually present downstream carry-over filters.

Cost effective

Lower capital costs

Based on more than three decades of experience, we deliver a lean and cost-effective design. Compared to other technologies, the Crystalactor requires a substantially lower footprint, because of its vertical design and elimination of sludge treatment.

Low operational cost

Comparable technologies deal with voluminous amounts of sludge/brine and associated high costs for disposal, as well as additional treatment due to strict environmental regulations. As stated, the Crystalactor harvests reusable pellets from the (waste) water stream and turns this into a revenue stream. OPEX savings are also achieved by smart controls.