Revolutionizing the recovery of brackish RO

Conventional membrane separation systems, as a solution for sulphate removal from acid mine wastewater, have problems such as calcium sulphate scaling, and bio and organic fouling. This limit the maximum possible system recovery to approximately 75%, and even prevent their use in these applications.

In general, three major factors limit the recovery of any RO system:

  • Osmotic pressure
  • Chemistry of the feed water
  • Low brine flow through the membranes associated with high recovery

New solution

IDE Technologies Israel developed a new technology MaxH2O DESALTER overcomes these limitations, making it the perfect solution for the mining and power-water industry. The semi-batch RO system contains an integrated salt precipitation unit (Crystalactor) for continuous desaturation of RO brine. This innovative system overcomes variable change in the feed flow and composition, resulting very high recovery without reducing the membrane cross-flow.

MAXH2O DESALTER infographics

Reasons to choose the maxh2o desalter

  • Maximizing water reuse
  • Reduce brine treatment costs
  • Reducing environmental footprint

Applicable for you?

The MAXH2O DESALTER is applicable for RO brine and industrial effluents with high scaling tendency and low to moderate salinity (0.1 – 7.0 %w).


How does it work?