Project Facts

  • Client
    Chemical Company
  • Industry
  • Application
    Phosphate recovery
  • Location
    Nanjing, China
  • Operation start
  • Capacity
    3,600 - 4,800 m3/day
  • Pre-treatment
  • Post-treatment
    Pressurised sand filters and biological waste water treatment

Phosphate recovery unit in Nanjing

A large chemical company produces carpolactan in Nanjing, China. This is one of the largest production sites of caprolactam worldwide. Caprolactam is the raw material for the production of Nylon 6, basis for fibers, engineering plastics and films. All waste waters on site are collected and sent to the industrial waste water treatment plant. Because of the high Phosphate content pretreatment of the collected waste water is required.

The client uses the Crystalactor technology as pre-treatment (phosphate removal) for the biological industrial waste water treatment plant. The client adopted this Crystalactor because of the small footprint and environmental friendly technology.

Crystalactor DNCC Nanjing | Royal HaskoningDHV

Scope of the project

Based on results from pilot tests performed on site, a basic design and detailed design were prepared. Our former office in Beijing was responsible for procurement assistance to the client, construction supervision and commissioning. Royal HaskoningDHV also provided process start-up and operational assistance after start up.

The Crystalactor has an average effluent quality of 5 - 10 mg/l P and recovers the phosphate as Struvite (Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate or MAP).