Project Facts

  • Client
    TWSC & Tong Hsin Water Business
  • Industry
    Drinking water
  • Application
    Softening as part of entire water treatment plant
  • Location
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Operation start
  • Capacity
    15,000 m3/h
  • Pre-treatment
    Pre-sedimentation, clarification
  • Post-treatment
    rapid filtration, ozonation, biological activated carbon filtration, safety chlorination

Pellet softening at water works Fong Shan 

The Taiwan Water Supply Corporation hired Royal HaskoningDHV as Contracting Operator and its Taiwanese sister company Royal HaskoningDHV Planetek for a detailed design and awarded the turn-key construction of the Crystalactor™ softening plant, rapid filtration and contact aeration.

Royal HaskoningDHV provided start-up assistance and training during the commissioning of the plant and provides process technical advice during the 15 years’ operation of the plants

Crystalactor Fong Shan Plant


Royal HaskoningDHV carried out detailed design of the softening plant and supplied critical mechanical equipment and reactor internals and provided the control program for this plant. Royal HaskoningDHV also provided start-up assistance and training during the commissioning of the plant.

At Fong Shan, the Crystalactor -system is located after pre-sedimentation and clarification and handles 15,312 m3/h. The six concrete "pellet" reactors are 4.8 m wide and long and 8.0 m high.

Royal HaskoningDHV is currently involved in the operation and maintenance of the plant. This involves the 24/7 running of the plant complying with strict volume and quality requirements.

The running of the plant was certified in 2010 under ISO 9000 and ISO14000.

Crystalactor Fong Shan Plant