Project Facts

  • Client
    Limburg Water Supply Company
  • Industry
    Drinking water
  • Application
    Softening as part of entire water treatment plant
  • Location
    Limburg, The Netherlands
  • Operation start
  • Capacity
    48,000 m3/day
  • Pre-treatment
    Deep wells, storage and raw water pumping
  • Post-treatment
    Neutralization, carry over filters, clear water storage and transport

Water softening and production plant “De Beitel” in the Netherlands

The challenge

The composition of the water necessitated softening. The conditioned water results in a reduction of inconvenient calcium deposition in (transport) pipes, (hot water) household appliances/installations and raises the perception of comfort of the client as well.

The solution

Softening of drinking water in South-Eastern Limburg including a production plant has been realized in the industrial zone of De Beitel, near the city of Heerlen. The heart of the plants design is a high-rate Crystalactor pellet softening system that removes calcium from the raw water. Seeded calcite precipitation occurs in the fluidized pellet bed, where hard, dry and durable pellets are generated. The produced pellets are a value-added product that can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

In the period of technical and process technological optimization, by optimization of reactor control, an optimal balance was found between the pellet quality, the water quality and filter run times of the production plant.

The outcome

The Crystalactors achieved excellent results by advanced controls. It can reduce the calcium concentration from 150 mg/L to 50 mg/L. WML has achieved its project goals on the aspects of sustainability: creating a beneficial by-product, reducing chemical use, reducing backwash water production hence less groundwater use.

WML’s customers benefit the following:

  • Improved lifetime of water heaters, pipes and household appliances.
  • Better water quality, protection against bacteria and undesired metals in the water.
  • About 50% reduction of household detergents.
  • Reduction of energy consumption of heating devices.

Crystalactor De Beitel, Limburg, The Netherlands