Project facts

  • Client
    End-user: CDA | Lead Engineer: Carollo
  • Industry
    Drinking water
  • Application
    Inland desalination
  • Location
    Chino, California, USA
  • Operation start
  • Capacity
    40,000 m3/d
  • Pre-treatment
    Primary RO concentrate
  • Post-treatment
    High-rate softening clarifiers, granular media filters, secondary RO, solids thickening and mechanical dewatering.

Chino II Concentrate Reduction Facility (CRF)

Water challenge

A secure water source is a top priority in California and depends strongly on imported water from far-off sources like the Colorado River and Northern California. Chino Desalter Authorities wanted to double their water production capacity at Chino II to 76.000 m3 per day, due to a growing water demand. This would result in a brine discharge of 10.000 m3 per day, which was not acceptable due excessive costs.

Our solution

For this in-land desalination plant, the Crystalactor™ softening technology was used for the crystallization of calcium carbonate on calcite seeds. The plant has a capacity to treat/soften up to 26.000 m3/day. The Crystalactors produce calcium carbonate pellets instead of a bulky sludge or brine, which reduces the operational costs for sludge handling significantly. The processes individually are proven technology, but combination of these in one plant for this purpose, operated as an integrated design, was a new ground for the industry. This entire 50 M€ construction costs plant was shoehorned into a 5000 m2 site.

The outcome

The Crystalactors achieve excellent results. They can reduce the calcium concentration from 800 mg/L (2000 mg/L as CaCO3) to 120 mg/L (300 mg/L as CaCO3). The pellet reactors create 13 ton per day of calcium carbonate pellets that can be sold for industrial uses.CDA has achieved its project goals on the aspects of sustainability (create a beneficial product; reduce basin water export; reduce brine line impacts), water supply (provide additional potable supply and reduce groundwater pumping).

Crystalactor Plant in Germany - Gelsenkirchen for Shell Solar