Data consulting

Data consultants are an essential part of almost every data science project we undertake. They act as a bridge between your organisation and our technical team – translating your business need into a technical solution.

They’re interpreters between the business and technical worlds, and bring a thorough understanding of both. You’ll find our data consultants are as comfortable discussing organisational objectives and stakeholder management as data quality and warehousing, machine learning and APIs. They also provide strong project management and communication skills.

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Data engineering

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we know first-hand the importance of good engineering. Focusing on our client’s objectives, and the real-world practicalities of how to achieve them, enables us to design and build efficient solutions that deliver sustainable, long-lasting business value.

That approach is every bit as important when we’re working with data. From the outset, our data engineers consider the project from end to end – ensuring every step of the way data is collected, managed, stored, and delivered with the desired outcome in mind.

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Data science and AI

Data science is the process by which we turn your organisation’s data into valuable knowledge. It’s a multi-disciplinary approach, combining mathematics and statistical modelling with computer science and machine learning to identify patterns, accelerate processes and answer key business questions.

But there’s one more vital element. Domain knowledge is essential to understand and interpret the models and their findings – checking that the results make sense. So at Royal HaskoningDHV, our data science teams are carefully chosen to suit your project, including domain experts to ensure real-world business returns.

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Digital transformation consultancy

Data-driven digital solutions can drive innovation and efficiency, unlocking new opportunities for functional teams across your business. But to realise benefits at scale, you need a strategic approach that unifies your business and IT teams. At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital we combine both: world-class digital experience with 140 years of domain expertise.

That means our digital transformation consultants are uniquely placed to help you help align technology projects to meet key, overarching goals: increasing customer-centricity, responding to today’s changing workforce, or achieving operational excellence. Together we can refocus your organisation to meet new opportunities, and new demands.

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Predictive simulation and modelling

If you want to see the outcome of a key business or technical decision in advance – or to test possible solutions without risk – predictive simulation is the answer. We build an accurate model of your system or process, and use it to, for example, predict the performance of a design.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we are uniquely positioned to do this well, because we combine world-class predictive software with more than 140 years of engineering experience. That means our models are not just data driven and technically sound; they also reflect in-depth knowledge about assets and systems in the real world.

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