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Defining the problem, scoping the solution – and leading the project team

If you suspect data could help you solve a business or technical challenge, improve efficiency, or answer a question – but you’re not sure how to make that happen – then data consultancy is for you.

Our consultant will interview your stakeholders, examine data sources, and help you to explore potential use cases. They’ll consider your existing IT landscape, and find areas where it’s easiest to implement digital change.

Armed with that information, they’ll recommend use cases that are highly feasible, with significant business impact – and work alongside you to design the desired outcome, and how it will be implemented. This forms the basis for your solution’s technical specification and scope.

Often, the consultant will also be the project team’s scrum master – ensuring your business brief and priorities remain central throughout.

The impact-feasibility matrix

The perfect starting point: straightforward use cases with high business value

Our data consultants immerse themselves in your business to surface opportunities to drive value with data science. Then we prioritise the use cases that can deliver value most quickly given your organisation’s technical maturity. And we suggest a longer-term plan to make other high-impact solutions feasible in the future.

Businesses want to become data driven, but they don’t know where to start. As a data consultant, it’s my job to create order from chaos.

Richard Kamst

Data Consultant, Royal HaskoningDHV Digital

Focusing on the business outcome

Once a data science project is underway, the data consultant acts as the voice of your organisation within the team – keeping an important bridge between the technology and the business at all times.

To ensure the project remains focused on your business requirements, our data consultants are often trained agile scrum masters. This means the project’s leader always has your business in mind.

Opportunities in data consultancy

There’s no typical route into data consultancy. Some of our consultants have backgrounds in software engineering or econometrics, others trained in psychology. If you have a broad, rounded knowledge including business, technical and social aspects, you’ll find Royal HaskoningDHV Digital is committed to your development, and building on your skills.

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As well as data consultancy, we offer industry-leading simulation, data engineering, machine learning and data science skills – everything you need to find new, innovative solutions to your challenges and drive your digital transformation.