The confidence to explore data

For clients, our data science and machine learning principles unlock new possibilities

Typically, new clients approach us with a mass of data, and a technical or business challenge. The way we work is designed to bring structure to that process and get to viable solutions quickly.

We build a multi-skilled team bespoke to your project, calling on deep expertise from across our organisation. This goes beyond data science; it can also include digital twins, geographic information systems, the internet of things, and physical engineering experience.

This team works in an agile scrum-based way to find a working model and demonstrate value. This generates insights and learnings at every stage – often, clients tell us our analysis of their data is an unexpected benefit that’s as valuable as the solution itself.

We build in privacy by design, using only the data that’s essential, and apply ethical principles to our machine learning work.

Importantly, we collaborate closely, and explain our work in detail – because for our findings to deliver value, your organisation needs to trust them enough to act. We’ll ensure you understand where data came from, how it’s analysed and why, well enough to explain to your own stakeholders in turn.

If you have data, and a business or technical challenge, it’s worth exploring. We’ll help you find the right answer – whether or not it’s data science.

Ruben Peters

Data Scientist, Royal HaskoningDHV Digital

Data science success stories

Browse some of the projects where Royal HaskoningDHV Digital data scientists have helped our customers to benefit from data science-based answers to business challenges.

Accelerate returns with agile methodology

We’ll deliver your data science project using an agile scrum framework. This makes it faster and easier to test different approaches, learn quickly, and avoid overinvestment in solutions that are not certain to deliver business value.

As a result, you can confidently experiment with potential data science-based answers to business challenges, focusing effort and resources in the areas giving the biggest return.

Wanted: curious, articulate data scientists

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we’re always eager to increase our breadth of data science expertise. As well as your specialist knowledge, you’ll need the clarity to explain your work to client stakeholders and the curiosity to ask the right questions throughout. In return, we’ll invest in your ongoing development and skills.

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As well as data science and AI, we offer industry-leading simulation, data engineering, and data mining skills – everything you need to find new, innovative solutions to your challenges and drive your digital transformation.