Handle complexity with confidence

Predictive simulation is ideal for complicated decisions with many variables and interconnections

Our simulation models help decision-makers to experiment in a risk-free, virtual environment. We can help you to test “what if?” scenarios, optimise designs, enhance processes and operations, and validate capital investment decisions.

Predictive simulation offers a more realistic view of these dynamic, complex questions because of its ability to take account of real-world variability and interconnected processes.

Other methods – for example using spreadsheets and value stream maps – treat these variables as an average figure. But in the real world, there’s no such thing as an average day. Instead, our predictive simulation models test different combinations across the spectrum of probability – so you’re always ready for the unexpected.

Optimise the entire lifecycle

From initial concept planning to ongoing process refinements, predictive simulation delivers value

Predictive simulation models offer benefits across the Opex and Capex phases of a project’s life – to maximise the return on your investment.

At the masterplan stage, you can validate concepts and test potential alternatives to ensure the investment is justified. During design, you have the opportunity to experiment with different technologies, formats and approaches. You can also stress-test your concept’s capacity to maximise utilisation amid varying real-world conditions and demand.

We can help you to explore potential operational improvements in a similar way –investigating the impact of proposed changes to processes, procedures, maintenance and staffing. As a result, you can optimise your operational expenditure with confidence, and improve your outcomes without unintended consequences.

The earlier we’re involved in a project, the greater the potential for predictive simulation to help you spot oversights and get decisions right first time.

Daniel Albrecht

Consulting & Digital Solutions Lead APAC, Royal HaskoningDHV Digital

Providing certainty for capital investments

If you’re considering a capital project, predictive simulation can give you new levels of certainty over the return on your investment. Whether you’re developing a new facility, changing the purpose of an asset, or installing new technology, we can compare design options, surface potential issues, and project realistic costs.

Opportunities for predictive simulation consultants

Royal HaskoningDHV Digital predictive simulation consultants need a rare combination of digital expertise and business consultancy skills. You’ll understand the client’s requirements and the potential simulation solutions, then take a hands-on approach to provide the answers and improvements the business needs. In return, we’ll invest in your continued development and growth.

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As well as predictive simulation and modelling, we offer industry-leading digital transformation consultancy, data engineering, machine learning and data science skills – everything you need to find new, innovative solutions to your challenges and drive your business forwards.