Internship/Graduation Case: Anomaly detection in time series

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Internship/Graduation Case: Anomaly detection in time series
For further development of our team we are looking for interns to join us in our work within the field of Data Science / Sensor data analytics. Our team is working on developing algorithms for anomaly detection in sensor data. This is very important, since sensor data has a significant role in the operations of our clients (for example water authorities).
One of the challenges in the development of these models is to distinguish between different types of anomalies (for example: extreme values, flatlines, noise, …). On the other hand, we need the business rules for these anomalies to depend on several conditions (for example the weather). This requires a combination of regression models and optimization of business rules.

We are currently exploring various ways to improve these models. Your skills will be applied to support and improve these models. You can think of:

  • Sensor data analysis
  • Setting up experiments to test new algorithms
  • Develop algorithms for different types of anomalies in python
  • Develop several data imputation model
  •  …
  • Anything you can bring to the table yourself! We are always curious to hear what you can think of yourself.

If you are looking for an actual working internship or graduation research, there are multiple forms of internships available. The specifics will depend on the requirements of your study. 

Your profile
Are you currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business analytics, Statistics, Computer Science or a related field of study, preferably with some course on time series analysis? Are you keen on machine learning, anomaly detection or sensor data? Do you have any experience in Python programming? Do you have an active attitude, can you work independently and do you want to own a problem and take the lead in finding the solution? Contact us!

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