Digital industry

Today’s industrial companies face numerous new challenges. Rapid urbanisation and population growth are placing a strain on resources, environmental concerns are driving the need for greater sustainability, and digitisation is transforming well-established methodologies. To meet these challenges head-on, firms must adapt now – or risk being left behind.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we combine the latest digital technologies with over 140 years of engineering experience to help clients in various industry sectors like food & beverage and fast mover consumer goods to thrive in this new environment. We can help you expand your capabilities, maximise productivity, gain new insights, and embrace the full potential of industry 4.0.

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Digital urban spaces

Public organisations strive to create vibrant, safe, sustainable and accessible urban environments for us to live and work in. But growing populations, environmental concerns and rapid urbanisation make it increasingly difficult to maintain a high quality of living. Faced with this challenge, data and digital technologies are key to understand what is needed.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we provide the vast technological toolset, deep situational insight, and modern engineering expertise needed for public organisations to address societal change –and create adaptable and inclusive urban spaces truly suited to helping communities thrive.

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Digital water

The water management industry has never been more challenging. Population growth, climate change, and environmental issues make meeting demands harder than ever. Expectations for efficiency and sustainability continue to grow. And valuable knowledge is being lost as workforce demographics change. To survive, companies must embrace new, digital ways of working.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we combine the latest technologies, like AI and digital twins, with over 140 years of engineering experience to address these challenges. Working alongside some of the industry’s biggest names, we’re dedicated to building a more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly future for your industry.

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Digital aviation

Airports keep our economies and societies moving. The strength and resilience of the systems and structures that keep them running directly impact the global flow of goods, security, and passenger experiences.

Royal HaskoningDHV Digital works with organisations across the aviation industry to help them navigate the complexities of modern airport and aviation management. From engineering technologies and scenario planning, to enabling digital and automated operations, our experts specialise in transforming aviation experiences, strengthening core processes, and bringing airports into the digital age.

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Digital maritime

From reducing operating costs and improving security, to moving towards zero-carbon economies, today’s ports and terminal networks are tasked with managing numerous complex operational challenges. The key to solving them effectively? Data.

Our Smart Port solutions combine innovative, data-driven technologies with operator intelligence to help ports tackle all of those challenges, while also improving the efficiency and resilience of their operations. To find out more, visit

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