Create truly sustainable spaces

Gain insights into everything that matters

Transform every aspect of your urban environment with our expert guidance, state-of-the-art technology and deep domain knowledge. From air quality to traffic flows and from city planning to distributed energy, our digital insights and engineering solutions can help you identify issues, establish solutions and create the sustainable, healthy environments that transform citizen experiences.


  • Create the communities of tomorrow

    We help public organisations use data and digital technologies to improve policy development and urban planning, enhancing the environments we all live and work in. Our consultants will help you define a roadmap for change and implement that roadmap to act data-driven, solve real-world problems and create better citizen experiences.

  • Design environments with next-level insight

    Our technologies, like GIS and data science, can help turn complex data sets into actionable insights fit to solve the problems of a modern society. We collect, integrate and analyse data about our environments to help create awareness, drive efficiencies and realise positive change in our communities.

  • Make spaces function like clockwork

    Optimise asset management and gain real-time control of everything in your urban environments – from traffic and people flows to energy use and waste management. Our intelligent, data-intensive platforms use advanced technologies to automatically adapt physical environments, creating a brighter tomorrow from the data you have today.

Our sector-specific software solutions

Our software solutions are designed to meet the needs of various industry sectors and tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Our solution Flowtack is a valuable tool for road authorities to ensure smooth and efficient traffic flows, enabling them to create a greener and cleaner city. PedCast1.5 is created as an aid to create a safe and comfortable pedestrian flow within the 1.5 meter society.

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Smarter cities. Brighter futures.

We combine 140-plus years of engineering experience with the latest digital technologies to help governments and public organisations adapt to the challenges of modern society. See how our consultants, data scientists and engineers can help you succeed.

Digital enhanced environment projects

Read success stories to see how our industry clients create value using our services. With various case studies for you to explore, you can see the full range of solutions and applications at work in the real world.
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