AQUASUITE® virtual operator for water infrastructure

Aquasuite is a proven smart water technology that monitors, analyses, visualises, and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning. While you gain full real-time visibility across your complete water and/or wastewater network and treatment, Aquasuite® controls your day-to-day operations. Explore the full product portfolio here.

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This intuitive hazard intelligence software platform, Uptime, is designed to help you visualise risk, identify hazards, and mitigate their impact. By combining historical data, real-time monitoring, and future modelled data with deep asset and engineering insights, the platform delivers a complete view of the locations, assets, and suppliers you depend on.
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Our simulation web service,, enables teams to access highly scalable simulation application performance and run mass experimentation workloads in the cloud. Modellers can submit data to the service directly through the web or APIs, returning detailed results data without interrupting live workflows.

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Flood risk modelling solutions

We supply flood maps, data sets, catastrophe models, flood forecasting products and environmental reports internationally. Ambiental Risk Analytics' flood forecasting systems support better decision-making around flood risk management by predicting the location and severity of flooding, preventing damage, and protecting lives, property and assets. Explore the full product portfolio here.

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FLOWTACK for real-time traffic optimisation

Flowtack forecasts and optimises traffic flow, by collating and analysing traffic data in real time. Its cloud-based software gives network level control, so traffic can respond to live data in a coordinated way. It is an award-winning solution that keeps cities moving, and is proven to reduce CO2 emissions.

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PEDCAST for people flow optimisation

As urban populations grow, keeping people moving around our cities is an ever-increasing priority. By bringing together cutting-edge technology with decades of engineering expertise, we develop and implement crowd management solutions to alleviate the bottlenecks in mobility and optimise people flows across the world.

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