Get ahead of risk

Achieve greater resilience and agility

The increasing devastation and disruption caused by severe weather events mean companies today need a climate-specific plan. With a unique combination of forward-looking risk prediction and real-time risk monitoring, our cloud-based platform enables you to proactively identify, share and prepare for evolving threats — wherever you are in the world.

Strategic and operational risk assessments

Mitigate the risk of disruption and protect business continuity

We help our clients to ensure business continuity, mitigate risks and turn potential disruptions into new opportunities. To support strong risk management, our data platform covers an array of geophysical, hydrological, atmospheric and biophysical hazards, as well as other factors like shallow earth processes, human conflicts and child labour.

These insights allow for strategic and operational risk assessments that enable you to prioritise investments, avoid supply chain disruption and mitigate financial, reputational and regulatory risk – before it impacts revenue.


  • Risk identification and assessment

    Identify areas of risk and their impacts on your business.

  • Improved business continuity

    Plan ahead for critical events and avoid disruption.

  • Future scenario planning

    Conduct informed explorations to build long-term climate change strategies.

Use our deep sector expertise

140 years’ experience of solving climate resilience challenges across the globe

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we’re not just experts in finding digital solutions to real world problems, we’re experts in implementing those solutions, too.

Every data point, vulnerability assessment, industry or issue specific interface has been informed by our own data and expertise. Our resilience tools and insights are used every day in every corner of the world to address some of society’s biggest challenges.

See more. Act faster. Be resilient.

Our risk management platform combines historical data, real-time monitoring and future modelled data with deep asset and engineering insights to deliver a complete view of the locations, assets and suppliers you depend on. This helps you to improve your business continuity and resilience strategies, while minimising downtime.

The benefits

  • Global risk exposure

    Dynamic assessment of assets at risk

  • Risk assessment

    Multi-tier supply chain analysis

  • Monitoring and alerts

    Detection and notification of critical events

  • Simulations and planning

    Multimodal predictive analytics