Project facts

  • Client
    Municipality of Tilburg
  • Location
  • Licensee
  • Wastewater
    Develop a strategy for excellent customer service.
  • Project type
    The implementation of omnichannel service and a new CRM solution
  • Period
    Michiel Oostrum, Business Analyst, Carola Voogd, Project Manager

The Challenge

A vision for omnichannel service

With more than 200,000 citizens to serve, the city of Tilburg, Netherlands, has developed a new ‘excellent customer service’ strategy to boost satisfaction for customers and agents alike.

The focus was on delivering seamless omnichannel experiences, much like the ones citizens are familiar with from retailers and other businesses. More ways to interact with the city’s municipal services will help citizens get better support, faster – and through the channels that suit them best.

To bring its strategy to life, the municipality of Tilburg approached us to help answer key questions around next steps and potential operational impacts. 


The approach

From strategy to execution

We worked with the municipality of Tilburg to identify what an effective omnichannel customer experience would look like – and the changes leaders would need to make to get there. 

This structured discovery process included workshops, a transformation plan, a roadmap and a detailed business case with continuous stakeholder input to ensure that the strategy was aligned with priorities. One of the main projects defined in the roadmap was the implementation of a CRM system which we started in March this year.


The impact

CRM solution

We helped the municipality of Tilburg to identify the right CRM solution provider to support its omnichannel strategy, selecting a product that could underpin the journey from contact to resolution for the city’s citizens and business owners.

We started by developing a proof of concept for three departments and in January 2021 we were asked to begin the omnichannel project in earnest


  • A business transformation plan for service excellence with a clear roadmap

  • A business case that covers all factors that impact customer and employee satisfaction

  • A proof of concept which paved the way for the omnichannel and CRM project