Project facts

  • Client
    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Location
  • Licensee
    2015 - 2021
  • Wastewater
    Developing an operational and IT-systems design for future-proof expansion.
  • Project type
    A new integrated architecture that will grow with the airport.


Complex transformation needs an integrated approach

Royal Schiphol Group, decided to build a new terminal and pier, using the latest technology to meet the highest quality standards. This expansion required an integrated design of operational and information systems supporting the passenger and aircraft handling processes. On the other hand: the new systems had to be backwards compatible with the existing ones in the older parts of Schiphol. 


A new systems architecture with advanced capabilities

We developed the integral systems architecture and more detailed designs for Schiphol’s new terminal and pier, which supports deployments of an extensive network of automated services. 

The architecture comprises 50 types of operational systems like security lanes, cameras, sensors, access gates, baggage systems, and many more – everything the airport needs to move passengers and luggage comfortably and safely through its new pier and terminal. In the back office these systems are controlled and monitored by 200 connected information systems. 

We also set up the wired and wireless data network to connect all the operational and information systems. 


A solid foundation for expansion

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a highly complex environment – with a lot of moving parts to consider in its technology infrastructure. The new systems architecture we designed is modern, flexible and a future-proof foundation. 

With all the latest technology and highest standards implemented in the new design, we’ve helped Royal Schiphol Group on its journey to creating the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airport.