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    Assess and improve travel information services around schedule disruptions. 
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    A redesigned travel incident process reduces bottlenecks and improves communication with the public.
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    P. Jans, Sr. Business Consultant, Travel Information Program, P. Buijs, Sr. Business Consultant, Travel Information Program


A breakdown in schedule communications

HTM is a major provider of public transport in the region around The Hague, operating lightrails, trams, and buses which carry over 325,000 passengers every day.

The company generally scores well on the national public transportation customer barometer – but found that passengers often weren’t happy with the level of communication around schedule disruptions.

After investigating, the company found that information wasn’t updated frequently or consistently enough across channels, which meant passengers couldn’t always get reliable information about their journeys.

To increase satisfaction, HTM contacted Novius, a Royal HaskoningDHV company, to help redesign its processes.



Redesigning processes for customer satisfaction

We worked with HTM to identify the key bottlenecks in their schedule information processes. This led to a process redesign, supported by a lowcode solution that collects relevant data from multiple sources and enables swift, reliable, and consistent publication of travel information across a range of different channels.
These channels include HTM’s website, App, onboard communication systems, bus stop displays and social media profiles.
After further analysis, we also created a roadmap of future improvements for HTM’s processes, systems and services. This included the implementation of KPIs to adequately monitor the quality of information, and systems to help govern the flow of information, both internally and externally.
These changes will continue to increase the number of travellers HTM can reach, boost the quality of its data, and simplify travel information management.



Happier customers, simpler systems

The new system has seen a major improvement in HTM’s satisfaction scores, with ratings for the company’s communication around schedules and disruptions growing from an average of 5.5 to 6.1 in just two years.

Now on par with the national average, HTM is confident that this score will continue to increase as it refines its systems and processes further.