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What is DEEP?

DEEP stands for Data Science & Engineering Expert Program: a one-year learning programme where data scientists and engineers are trained to work in the water sector. Parallel the broader organisations are supported with challenges they face, when it comes to data driven ways of working. The programme is intended for about 8 - 14 participants: starting talents or experienced technical colleagues already working for the water boards for a longer time. At the moment, 8 water authorities are joining the programme, with a total of 14 candidates: Aa & Maas, Vallei & Veluwe, Delfland, Rijnland, Schieland & Krimpenerwaard, Drents-Overijsselse Delta, Noord-Hollands Noorderkwartier and Brabantse Delta.

A diverse learning experience

The data scientists and engineers participating in DEEP follow a four-week, full-time intensive-learning course, developed and delivered by Royal HaskoningDHV Digital.

The course initially provides participants technical and soft skills, before splitting them into teams to work on an assortment of assignments over two five-month periods.

Working with industry peers and domain experts from water boards, participants then follow a step-by-step process that guides them from the initial stages of forming an idea to the eventual implementation of a solution.

This year’s participants are working on a variety of diverse projects, including the prediction of influent and smart energy use at the WWTP, the data-driven control of pumping stations, and the improvement of data quality and availability.

These assignments are all formulated by the water boards taking part, who share knowledge and techniques common to the wider challenges of the water sector.

Driving digital transformation in water

The DEEP programme was conceived to help water authorities develop and share knowledge with others in their sector, helping to accelerate technological transformation in an increasingly complex and challenging work field.

It’s also intended to help attract the best existing and emerging talent in data science and engineering to the water industry.

The support of participating water authorities, and their willingness to share information about the tools, software, processes, and best practices they use, is integral to making sure applications developed over the course of the programme are successfully implemented.

In various Communities of Practices, experiences are shared about the required data infrastructure for these data applications, tools and software are exchanged and best practices for solution design phases are presented. The various CoPs are in full development and already dozens of water board professionals have joined. This movement gives a boost to the transformation of the sector. DEEP is an initiative of the water boards, made possible by Het Waterschapshuis.

Want to take part in DEEP 2021?

If your water authority is interested in participating in DEEP this September, now is the time to get in touch with us or Het Waterschapshuis.

Send an email to [email protected] for more information.

If you’re a data scientist or engineer who wants to put your skills to use in the water sector, you can leave your details at and we’ll be in touch soon.