Key take-aways

  • Make sense of TCFD disclosure requirements

  • See where severe weather threatens your organisation and suppliers

  • Explore climate scenarios in real time

  • Keep your people and operations safe in a changing world

Our world is changing

We will, with certainty, experience changes in the frequency and severity of naturally occurring events as a direct result of our past actions. The actions we take now and in the near-term future will affect the extent and duration of these changes.

As with many of the challenges facing our global civilisation, the consequences of our current situation will not be evenly distributed. Some regions of the world will experience extreme shifts in weather patterns while others will experience comparatively low levels of disturbance.

Terms like Heat, Cold, Rain, Hail, Wind, Fire and Flood will become more frequent visitors to the ‘must act’ section of the corporate risk register. 

For many organisations, the barriers to entry to the Climate Resilience movement remain too high.

Existing solutions can be prohibitively expensive, many require a significant ‘lift’ in terms of data input before valuable insights can be returned, and often there is an expectation that users are highly conversant with climate risk management terminology, as this is the typical format for content delivery.

Democratising climate risk information

For the last 18 months our team of real-world engineers, hazard experts and digital builders have been working on a platform that provides quick, easy, affordable and real-time access to current and future natural risk exposure information.

Our goal is to make this platform accessible to all companies in all locations. We will ultimately cover all hazards. With nothing more than an address, our customers will be able to establish where and to which hazards they are exposed today. With the click of a button, we can then show how this risk exposure changes under a variety of different climate scenarios.

At Royal HaskoningDHV we know that understanding risk is just the first step on your Climate Resilience journey. Once you know why, where and when your people and assets are exposed to risk, the natural next step is to want to do something about it.

In some cases, this means hardening the asset against the hazards to come. In others, it may mean making challenging decisions about the long-term viability of an asset or supply chain that we know will be exposed to extremes of weather that could pose existential challenges to your ability to operate.

140 years of real-world engineering experience

In these, and many more cases, we look forward to being able to connect you with the thousands of real-world engineering colleagues we have in our business, whose expertise informs all of our digital products.

For over 140 years we have been working with companies to unpack and rise to the biggest resilience challenges the natural world can throw at us; and once you understand where risk lies today and in the future of your business, we can rise to these challenges too.

Our team is already delivering world-leading, high-resolution natural hazard risk analysis for clients around the world, and we are actively seeking development partners for our soon-to-be-released climate platform.

At Royal HaskoningDHV we know that understanding risk is just the first step on your climate resilience journey.

Djeevan Schiferli

Climate Resilience Director

If you’d like to join us on the journey or if you want to find out whether your organisation is ready to protect what matters most in a changing world, please contact me. 

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