• 1. What the main challenges are for SES Water in terms of leakage

  • 2. Why it’s important to have good data 

  • 3. How SES Water is dealing with water leakage

Using AI to reduce leakage

Provide better customer service, reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency

Water utilities worldwide are affected by high levels of non-revenue water in part caused by leakage. Utilities depend on a network of aging underground pipes to supply clean drinking water. With growing population and water demand, and changing climate conditions, more and more water is being required from stretched water supply networks. Increasing water supply volumes and pressures contribute to increasing levels of NRW, making water loss through leakage a huge concern globally.

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How the virtual operator helps to reduce leaks and enables the right asset management decisions?

Find out in this webinar.

After this webinar you will understand how the virtual operator:

  • uses AI to identify leaks, bursts and asset failures
  • locates leaks in real time
  • monitors and analyses leak development to enable the right asset
    management decisions
  • controls water supply systems to reduce leaks and bursts
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