KEY take-aways

  • 1. The importance of central control on wastewater treatment.

  • 2. What the main challenges are for water authority Vallei en Veluwe in terms of creating value with data.

  • 3. The need to identify what added value you are looking for.

She explains how introducing a centralised process management is an evolving topic, and how it is important to look at issues from an integrated perspective. She describes how Vallei en Veluwe has approached this and is creating more value through its data.
Processes are becoming more and more complex… so, the complexity of your processes make it necessary to look at your process operation in a different way. 

Milly Wind-Cox

Team Leader, Central Control Team

Using AI to improve performance

Optimising wastewater transport to the treatment plant to improve the performance of treatment processes

Performance of wastewater treatment is heavily influenced by the steadiness and predictability of the influent flow. Local level-based control of pumping stations of the transport system can cause peak flows and loads to the treatment plant. Especially during rain-weather flow conditions. Furthermore, the amount of energy and chemicals required to achieve a desired effluent quality is dependent on the quantity and composition of the inflow of wastewater to the treatment plant. 

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This White Paper explores learning from integrated catchment and wastewater treatment control.

This white paper aims to:

  • Discuss the causes and impacts of unsteady influent and unstable processes at WwTPs
  • Explain how predictive control at WwTPs works
  • Share learnings from municipal wastewater utilities
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