KEY Take-aways

  • How Royal HaskoningDHV helps water companies embrace digital transformation

  • How new digital solutions are helping us tackle the threat of climate change

  • How the new economy is helping us to enhance society and face new challenges, together

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Digital transformation

Our data and digital consulting services can support your digital journey from concept to implementation, with best-practice recommendations and real-time insights that provide an advantage in even the most competitive environments.

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Aquasuite is a proven smart water technology that monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning.

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Nereda offers sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water. It uses a natural sewage treatment process to purify water without chemicals. The result is high quality effluent produced using 50% less energy and in a quarter of the space. 

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EPHYRA® Technology

Ephyra® is a compact and sustainable technology for the digestion of wet biomass, such as communal sludge. The concept is based on traditional plug flow technology. With Ephyra®, however, the reactor design, process controls and operation have been further optimised for greatly improved performance.

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Risk management platform

The effects of climate change are becoming more frequent and severe, posing threats to assets, operations and reputations in organisations across the world. 

Our risk management platform provides a continuous overview of all your assets and locations, so you can visualise risk, identify hazards as they develop and mitigate their impact. 

Flood risk modelling solutions

As climates continue to shift, the effects of flooding will be felt more regularly causing disruption to global business. Our software solutions provide a range of flood risk tools, datasets and insights designed to integrate with your systems and adapt to your needs.

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