Hazard, asset and risk experts at Royal HaskoningDHV Digital have been building an intuitive new platform to help organisations worldwide rise to the challenge of maintaining business continuity in the face of complex unforeseen hazards. Today, that platform has officially been unveiled, and is now available to customers.

This platform provides insights into climate related operational and strategic risks, identifies hazards, understands, and forecasts their impact. This opens up a wealth of insights for insurance companies as well as for multinationals with many facilities or complex supply chains. Together with our partners we continue keeping our clients in business in a quickly changing world.

Niels Schallenberg

Global Director Royal HaskoningDHV Digital

The platform combines global hazard visibility with Royal HaskoningDHV’s 140 years of asset and engineering experience to give users a complete view of asset vulnerability. It shows not only where hazards are likely to impact business continuity, but also how individual assets are likely to be impacted – helping everyone better understand the financial and operational threats posed by emerging risks and take the actions to become more resilient.

Throughout the platform’s development, the software team at Royal HaskoningDHV Digital has been working extensively with potential customers across diverse industries. This co-creation approach has helped the team understand the real challenges being faced by organisations around the world today and will ensure customer success through continuous collaborative improvement of the solution.

Launching partners Infoplaza and Sensar add unique capabilities like real time global weather forecasting and satellite-based worldwide subsidence data. As new partners join the journey, the modular design of the platform will allow it to expand to an ever-growing number of hazard types.

“Our partners and early testers have played a significant role in helping us bring our vision for this platform to life,” says Niels. “Now that it’s officially available, Royal HaskoningDHV Digital is looking for more like-minded organisations and data partners that want to help shape the future of business continuity and hazard intelligence, and extend the platform’s functionality for their industry”.


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