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  • How a holistic digitisation can help tackle societal challenges

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A more sustainable digital future

In this whitepaper supported by Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, Ben Lomax Thorpe and Jaron Weishut look at the potential of the latest digital technologies to create more sustainable, efficient and healthy global environments that offer safety and security to their citizens.

By taking a closer look at the inefficiencies in our current society that could prevent us from achieving this goal, the paper outlines some of the changes we need to make, together, to remedy the situation.

Using existing examples from across Europe, and focusing on the Netherlands as an exemplar for change, the paper explores the importance of integrating digital initiatives, sharing data and creating a national digital twin that can benefit both individual parties and society as a whole.

Discover our roadmap for a brighter, more sustainable digital future.

The integration of the physical and the digital world creates huge potential for a positive future. We now have the technological capabilities needed to generate insights we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. However, to stand any chance, we need better connections between vision and initiatives at all levels.

Jaron Weishut

Independent Consultant and Founder at Nexero

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National Digital Twin: Bits & Pieces White Paper

Explore how the latest digital technologies, along with a collaborative approach to digitisation, can help us build sustainable physical environments.

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