Empowering South African asset management

Digital twins are cited by Accenture as one of the most important tech trends of 2021 – and 87% of executives surveyed said they are becoming essential to collaboration. In this presentation, we’ll highlight exactly why.

A digital twin combines technologies and data sources to create a virtual mirror of a real-life asset, process, or system. It’s a digital model that helps you understand and shape the physical world. You can monitor and optimise assets in real time, or simulate future scenarios to balance risk and opportunity.

This vision can empower an asset manager to make smart, informed decisions, and maximise value at every part of the asset lifecycle. 

That’s especially important in South Africa. Where time and money for infrastructure investment is limited, digital twins can help to get more from ageing roads and water networks, plan how cities can handle increasing population densities, and target upgrades to achieve the greatest possible impact.

With real project examples, we’ll show how digital twins can help South Africa leapfrog obstacles to progress, and catch up on the world stage.

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Digital Twins: What are they really and why are they important to the future of Asset Management?


Bart Brink, Global Director Digital Twin; Dave Coetzee, Asset Management Specialist


24 June 2021


2:00PM (GMT+2)