Program of the meetup

Automatic Train Operation at NS

At NS we are experimenting with automatic train operation, due to multiple reasons. One of them is efficiency of rail usage, while we also see a shortage in train drivers in the future. In this presentation you'll hear about the ATO project regarding the Why, What and How.

Presented by: Daniël Stekelenburg - Data Engineer at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Dynamic Pricing at Felyx

At Felyx we use Dynamic Pricing for multiple reasons. Since users can park mopeds freely throughout the service area, we want to motivate users to drive a moped from a low demand area to a high demand area. This is beneficial for multiple stakeholders, including these users, municipalities, Felyx and the inhabitants of these areas. In this short talk we will elaborate on the process of incorporating a Dynamic Pricing Engine in our app, the benefits and the struggles it can bring along.

Presented by: Annanina Koster - Data Scientist at Felyx

Optimizing simulation models through surrogate Machine learning models

One of the hardest aspects of simulation models is how to optimize the input parameters. Generally, this can be a very costly and time-consuming process. To overcome this problem, we have trained a Gaussian Process model on the output and input of Lanner's WITNESS simulation program and used Bayesian Optimization to quickly suggest better simulation scenarios that can then be checked by WITNESS. This iterative approach allows the simulation modelers to quickly find better scenarios while still using the simulation model to check for feasible solutions.

Presented by: Ruben Peters - Senior Data Scientist at Royal HaskoningDHV

Date, time and agenda

Date and Time

Date: Friday 20th of May
Start time: 15:00


15.00 - 15.30 Automatic Train Operation at NS
15.30 - 16.00 Dynamic Pricing at Felyx
16.00 - 16.30 Optimizing simulation models through surrogate Machine learning models

For whom is this meetup

This meetup is created for data scientists and engineers who are looking
for an extra dose of knowledge, inspiration, and insights.