• Improve infrastructures

    Build a physical infrastructure that improves ADAS performance with expert guidance based on 140 years of engineering experience.

  • Embrace new digital capabilities

    Use the latest digital technologies to transform the relationships between drivers, ADAS systems and physical road infrastructures – and improve the performance of all three.

  • Improve road safety

    Create safer road networks to reduce accidents and their social costs – including medical costs, traffic jams, car repairs, and environmental impacts.

Our work 

Join us on a journey to safer transport

The shift towards autonomous vehicles will see a fundamental change in the relationships between drivers, vehicles and roads – and that means new opportunities to increase efficiencies and improve safety. 

As a leading expert in road safety and automated vehicles, we’ve conducted studies to gain new insights into these relationships, exploring the six key levels of automation as outlined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Based on our findings, we’ve identified infrastructure adjustments that allow us to better harness the benefits of ADAS applications – and pave the way to a fully autonomous future.

Our long-term vision includes strategic improvements that will enhance the performance of lane boundary, speed, steering, breaking and other automated systems.

As a result, we will see a more convenient, more efficient and safer future for our roads. 

See our work in action

Read the case studies below to see how we’re helping build the road infrastructures of tomorrow, today.