• Predict and meet demand

    Gain accurate, actionable insight into the rising demand of EV charging and ensure your charging infrastructure stays ahead of the curve with the right types of chargers in the right place at the right time. 

  • Identify the best locations

    Maintain the aesthetics of your environment using expert guidance and data-driven insights to plan the placement of chargers in a way that conveniently meets demand with minimal impact on your residents.

  • Share your roadmap

    Communicate your intentions with the public with an online roadmap that provides assurance, reduces range anxiety, and helps to drive the adoption of electric vehicles.

  • Get resident feedback

    Make receiving feedback on your plans quick and easy. Residents are always welcome on the Volt platform to gain detailed insights into your roadmap, and we can ensure the relevant people are able to share their thoughts and participate in Q&As. 

How it works

Everything you need to supercharge your project

There’s a lot to consider when building a network of EV chargers, from the potential cost of the charging infrastructure to maintaining the right balance of fast and slow chargers, and ensuring they’re placed in a way that is both convenient and in harmony with your environment.

Our platform combines our in-depth knowledge of EV chargers with state-of-the-art data analysis and software, so you can get fast, accurate answers to all of your infrastructure questions.

Our prognosis tool predicts the type and number of chargers you need, not just today but years into the future, too. And as demand is monitored in real time, you’re always kept in the know so your infrastructure can seamlessly meet demand.

Our GIS intelligence then helps you to determine the best location for those chargers based on a range of factors, from traffic flows to space, access to the electricity grid, and more – to help make sure every driver has the power they need exactly when they need it.

The GIS map is stored online and acts as a live roadmap for your rollout, so you can keep monitoring which chargers are used the most and where the next ones should be placed. And you can share the map publicly, so your residents are kept in the know, too.

As experts in all things EV, we’ll work alongside you to identify the pros and cons of your strategy, provide advice based on our own experiences, and determine the best network for your location.

With our platform, you can: 

  • Gain timely insights into your specific challenges around building an EV charging infrastructure – and how to overcome them
  • Save time and resources determining charger numbers and locations to maximise efficiency
  • Ensure your charging infrastructure meets the needs of the public, and even helps drive the adoption of EVs

See our work in action

Read the case studies below to see how we’re helping municipalities build charging infrastructures in a fast, effective, and efficient way.