Become your company’s data translator

Analytics translator training is ideal for professionals with analytics and data experience

Our hands-on training is designed for professionals who want to do more with data-driven solutions in their organisation and strengthen the relationship between their business and data analytics. 

Ideally, delegates will already have at least some data analytics experience and basic knowledge of data-driven solutions.

Strong foundations for analytics translators

  • Learn why it’s important to translate data for your business

  • Gain the key skills and knowledge translators need

  • Understand how the role could look in your organisation

  • Equip yourself to perform this essential bridging function

Topics covered in this course 

Define the analytics translator role – then put it into practice

Our analytics translator training combines theory with practical exercises and individual reflection. Across several modules, you’ll learn how to building a shared starting point, contextualise and position the role, and understand how interpretation works in your operation. We’ll include critical topics such as privacy and ethics.

The course also: 

  • Provides a shared starting point built on knowledge and tools to put the analytics translator role into practice
  • Combines course material with our own expertise and demonstrates how to put it into practice
  • Puts your own organisation’s challenges into context
  • Translates theory into practice using practical examples  

With a focus on building the right practical and theoretical skills – combined with real-life experiences from course leaders and other participants – our training is designed to help you hit the ground running. 

What you’ll learn 

Why your company needs data translators – and how to do it effectively 

Our course gives you a thorough awareness of the theory and practice of the analytics translator role – then applies it to your business:

  • How the role of an analytics translator came about and why it’s a critical role in many modern organisations
  • How the role is performed and its relationship with other similar roles – such as data stewards, data scientists, and data engineers
  • What the bridging role of the analytics translator looks like at different levels of an organisation
  • The business and data knowledge that’s required to successfully establish a bridging function
  • How to perform the operational role of an analytics translator – including the key competencies and techniques required
  • A greater understanding of nuanced topics such as privacy and ethics, data infrastructures, and artificial intelligence

Course details

Proven training, adapted to suit your organisation’s needs

Course length and structure 

The standard training course is divided into six sections, delivered over three days, and requires around an hour of participant preparation prior to each session. Groups are between 8-12 people. 

The training is based on your organisation’s challenges, so the basic course can be extended to cover additional topics, practical assessments, and coaching. We can also add individual coaching and additional training days at a later date. 


€1,950 (excl. VAT) per person for the standard three-day course. Additional training quotes are available on request.


The course is usually carried out at Royal HaskoningDHV’s global head office in Amersfoort, Netherlands – but we can also provide training at your site. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll ensure your training is tailored to your organisation’s needs.