• Gain complete, real-time visibility

    See your real-world assets, systems and processes in all their complexity, and optimise almost anything with real-time visibility.

  • Make better decisions and smarter plans 

    Visualise, plan, and engineer for the future based on relevant data and scenario modelling. 

  • Drive continuous improvement

    Unlock a continuous cycle of innovation opportunities, transformation, virtual control and learning.

Define your roadmap and build an ecosystem of digital twins 

The right strategy will unleash the full value of your data

A digital twin can have a transformative impact. But realising that potential takes a clear strategy and phased implementation based on digital expertise and deep, real-world experience of the asset you’re twinning — so you measure and model the right things to enable you to act.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we combine our rich engineering heritage with world-class digital technology knowhow to help you find the perfect strategy.

Our digital twin consultants use proven methodologies (like our Business Transformation Framework) to ensure you get the most from your digital twins. They combine digital capabilities like enterprise architecture, business consultancy and data science with engineering capabilities to define business outcomes, required principles and processes, and the related application landscape.

The result of this methodology is a roadmap and implementation strategy that can help you build an ecosystem of digital twins — so you can unlock the power of your data and deliver business value in every step.

Our digital twins in action

Our experience is more than theoretical. Here, you can read about just a few of our digital twin projects that are delivering real-world benefits for forward-thinking organisations.

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