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    Get support from a dedicated consulting team from a market-leading firm with more than 20-years’ experience and an in-depth understanding of change capabilities. 

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    Our robust transformation framework is designed to help organisations like yours implement a sustainable digital strategy, taking into account your business goals, current level of maturity, a range of external factors and the available technologies.

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    Benchmark your digital progress with a proven, standardised approach that provides insight into your current state of maturity, desired outcomes and how to achieve them. Our five-step roadmap takes you from building awareness to implementing a robust digital strategy.

Your digital strategy roadmap

Where business and IT strategies align  

Our approach consists of five modules that enable us to jointly develop a sustainable and feasible digital strategy for your organisation.

We start by generating awareness and educating your stakeholders about the current state of the digital landscape and the possibilities it can offer. We then assess your current level of digital fitness, while in parallel developing scenarios that appear to offer the most strategic value. 

In deep dives, we confront the organisation’s fitness with the future scenarios and portray the gap between current and desired state. We analyse the feasibility, viability and desirability of these opportunities: Are they realistic and achievable? Are the required technologies sufficiently developed and proven? Do they promise to fulfill your strategic goals? And, last but not least, do you have the required digital fitness to succeed?

Finally, we develop a roadmap for implementing the required change initiatives, aligned with your overall business strategy.

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Read the case studies below to see how we’re helping organisations like yours align business strategy with the latest technological advances. 

Successful Digital Transformation guide

A survival guide for managers and executives

This practical digital transformation guide is essential reading for anyone involved in delivering results for their organization. Readable and with relatable real-life case studies, this guide for managers and executives explains both the theory and the practical steps behind a successful digital transition. 

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Training and education

Learn about the digital playing field in a fun and interactive way. Our Battle of Disruption game is the perfect way to gain an understanding of the latest digital technologies, and determine if your current strategies are fit to help your organisation transform.

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